Are you an overwhelmed business owner?

There are so many steps to climb to get to the top…

Do you wish you could create a flourishing business AND an authentic life?

There needs to be room for what is important…

Do you feel like you are losing yourself along the way?

It takes extra energy to do what you were never meant to do…

Overwhelm doesn’t have to be inevitable.

Ready To Overcome The Overwhelm?

I am so thankful for Cindy and her support and direction! She has helped me to pinpoint the areas in my business that I can improve and encouraged me in my goals. I’m excited to have my busiest June yet because of practices I have implemented through our talks! I’m so excited to see what the future holds!

Heidi McNeil

Independent Director, Thirty One Gifts

Cindy Taylor has been my personal business coach for a few months. I shopped for a coach for some time before I found her and am so glad I chose her and her services. Cindy has the experience I needed and her advice is perfect for my situations. She is encouraging, gentle and confident and I always look forward to our calls. Before I started working with Cindy I struggled in my business and spent more time wondering what to do than taking steps I needed to succeed. Since working with Cindy it is easier to make decisions as she is an excellent listener and her feedback and questions have helped me move my business forward.

Laurie Hagedorn

The key in direct selling is to keep going… sometimes you get in a rut and it isn’t easy to get out. Cindy has an amazing ability to help you see what you are doing right and to help you to do more of it. She doesn’t tell you what you should do- she helps you find the right path.

Lucy Ann Stoop

Senior Supervisor, Usborne Books Canada

Cindy coached me in my direct sales business as I was new at team leading.  Cindy helped me to come up with better solutions for training and keeping in contact with my growing team.  Her expertise and understanding of the direct sales industry is JAMazing. Thank you for your support Cindy.  Couldn’t have done it without you.

Cheryl Duin

Team Manager, Jamberry Nails

Who Exactly is Cindy and What is CindyBiz Coaching?

cindy 225Life is a journey! My journey has taken me on all kinds of bunny trails and I have learned so much from each detour. Much of my life I have worked in Direct Sales with 15 years spent with Usborne Books Canada. There were many times of overwhelm along the way. I decided to get to know more about ME and wow, was that eye opening! My strengths lie in deep relationships and seeing people as they really are. I LOVE to learn so I set off to study Coaching and found something I just had to pursue.

CindyBiz Coaching was born. Coaching is about allowing ourselves to step back and look at the big picture. I ask questions that help to dig into the REAL issues that may be holding you back…or overwhelming you! Then you can take steps to move to a reset in your business and your life! Are you ready? I am! Connect today through our survey and we can set up a time to talk…first call is FREE!

Sometimes it is also about moving things off your plate so you can focus on your money making activities. Keep scrolling to see which projects you can outsource to lighten the load!

5 ways to find focus in a world of shiny objects

All business owners get distracted! Download the “5 steps to find focus in a world of shiny objects” and discover how to keep what is most important at the top of your list.

Relationship Marketing

No matter what your profession, greeting cards are a powerful business tool to help make sure your clients and customers know just how important they are to you! Learn more here!


You Write It, We Deliver It

You have poured your passion into your blog posts and emails…that is your strength…they can’t just sit on your computer because you don’t have the time or energy to get them delivered…that is our strength! Let’s talk about how we can help you get it done! Check out the details!

You Imagine It, We Create It

Ready to share your dream with the world? Be sure to make a fabulous first impression with a simple, concise and beautiful website See what we have done for othersLet us bring your vision to life…so you can get working on your business!

One on One Coaching

As a coach, I ask questions that help to dig into the REAL issues that may be holding you back…or overwhelming you! We all have them! Your first call is FREE. Ready? Let’s connect to talk possibilities!

Ready To Overcome The Overwhelm?

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